Youth Club – Volunteers

1.07.2022-01.07.2023 Liza Gudadze (Georgia)

In early July, the project of our international volunteer from Georgia Liza Gudadze ended.

She had a long-term project (1 year) within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps program.

For the whole year, Liza managed to do a lot in our organization and we want to share with you what she did as a volunteer:

  • Worked with children and youth of our IZUM center at an open youth work.
  • Worked in the camp during school holidays.
  • Visited schools in Tallinn and Maardu, and told local youth about the ESC program and shared her experience.
  • Held a workshop “Know thyself” for young people.
  • Shared Georgian culture and held master classes on cooking khachapuri.
  • Participated in various projects, master classes and events with the youth.
  • Once a week she worked in Raadiku youth center with children of primary school age.
  • At the IZUM hobby school, she helped the teacher conduct “Learning from fairy tales” lessons and Baby school.
  • Somedays she spent time with children in the kindergarten “Academy of childhood” and Seli kindergarten.

Before Liza’s departure, we arranged a party for her, where a lot of people came to thank her for the time together, give gifts and say goodbye. At this party, Liza presented us video about her volunteering in Estonia that you can watch on YouTube:

We thank our partners – Eesti Avatud Noortekeskuste Ühendus for coordinating this project and, of course, Elizabet Gudadze for the work done!