Youth Club – Volunteers

29.04.2021 - 01.06.2021 Verica (Macedonia)

Hello my friends 😁 ✌️

My name Verica and Im volunteer from Macedonia

At the time of writing this letter, I’ve been in Estonia for one week on the project by ESC (European Solidarity Corps) .

Currently I work in a two kindergartens ( Lasnamae Huvikool and Academy of Childhood) that are based in the capital Tallinn .

One kindergarden is located in the territory called Siili , where I resident , in the middle of the forest, around only nature and the other one is based in a part of city also called Lasnamae , 20 minuters away from city center with a bus.

Aside from kindergarten, other volunteers from different countries are gaining useful skills by playing games, building a strong connection with the children and doing our own projects (I am working on developing a plan called Paint your dreams) .

We also have meetings with other volunteers and youth workers who are interesting in play form, learning how to navigate the kids, spread the knowledge , experience and posititive energy among the volunteers etc.

The project merged things I really love:

  • work with children (in kindergarten)
  • developing creative ideas on my own
  • the charming nature of Estonia

By combining these components, adding wonderful people, freedom of creativity and love, you can get a burning fire in the heart and a feeling of taste from life.

Life does not stand still and on weekends, we, together with friends like to travel cities (as far as the Covid-19 situation allows) get acquainted with the culture of different countries (evenings of culture) and spend long evenings at conversations , board games and a lot of dancing

I hope staying in Estonia, on a project, somehow can changed my life, goals and habits and also make an impact.

I can only say one thing, and this is: ′′ I am in love with Estonia in my own ears and it is unlikely to be done!!!”