Youth Club – Volunteers

06.10.2013 – 06.09.2014 Bastian Meinker (Germany)

"From Youth to Youth" is the EVS project in which was involved volunteer from Germany – Bastian Meinker

Project title: EE-21-24-2013-R2
Title: From Youth to Youth
Dates: 06.10.2013 – 06.09.2014. (11 month)
Hosting organization: NGO Youth Club Active (2013-EE-11)
Sending organisation: East-West-East Germany (Germany)
Address: Tallinn, Tammispea Village, Estonia

Project Aim:

To expand opportunity of developing and learning between Youth/children from Estonia and Volunteers from different countries. That is why the title of the project is (From Youth To Youth) which is connected with main aim of the project.

Project objectives:

  • To present the non-formal learning to volunteers through the priorities of YiA programme, create the appropriate timetable to volunteer. Use his/her potential in the right way.
  • To involve volunteers and youth in self-assessment process, to think about what they have learnt from this cooperation and communication. To provide to volunteer YouthPass certificate.
  • To create an own workshop and realize own admissions in action in our organization. Give the support for achieving results in volunteer work.
  • To transfer the experience which will be gained at all stages of EVS project.
  • To disseminate outcomes and results from the EVS project.
  • To build up creative and communication skills, support intercultural learning, foster mutual understanding between volunteers from different countries and young people from Estonia.

Project activities in which was volunteer involved during 11 months:

  • He managed German non-formal language club (workshop) for youth in age 17-25 who studied German before and would non-formally communicate. During this workshop Basti organized German cultural evenings, present his culture, traditions, showed German games and cooked German typical food.
  • He worked in Lasnamae school with class 6A (children in age 11-12) who are studying German language 3 years and with teacher Basti ones a week leaded lessons but in non-formal way. (Our organization cooperate with this school)
  • He worked in Sakala Gymnasium with 11th class (youth in age 17-18) who are studying German language 8 years and with teacher Basti ones a week leaded lessons but in non-formal way. (Our organization cooperate with this school)
  • During all vocations Bastian worked in urban camps in our centre in Tallinn (winder and spring camps) and during whole summer worked in suburban camp Vihasoo in Tammispea village with children from 7-15 years old. His main responsibilities were play with kids, take care on them and spend time with them.
  • He studied 2 times per week Russian language with other volunteers in our organization. With cooperation with Tallinn University we had two teachers-students who leaded lessons for A.1.1 category and received practise for that.
  • Basti also worked as a baby-sitter in Tallinna University children room. There were kids from 2-6 years old and with other volunteers Basti took care on them. (We have cooperation with Tallinn University and our members are volunteers there)
  • Time to time with other member of NGO Youth Club Active Basti took part in social project which are organized by Serve the City organization and went to orphan houses, social houses and worked with kids there. Also Basti participated in all big events and projects which we managed in our centre for children and youth. With tutor Darja, who also is representative of Euroopa Noored programme Basti several times present his EVS
  • He realized his ideas in action. He managed some local projects in our centre and took park in different events which were connected with youth from our NGO