Youth Club – Volunteers

06.11.2014 – 06.09.2015: Ronja Lebeda (Germany)

"Learning by doing" is the EVS project in which was involved volunteer from Germany – Ronja Lebeda

Project title: 2014-1-EE01-KA105-000087
Title: Learning by doing
Dates: 06.11.2014 – 06.09.2015. (10 month)
Hosting organization: NGO Youth Club Active (2013-EE-11)
Sending organisation: East-West-East Germany (Germany)
Address: Tallinn, Tammispea Village, Estonia

Project Aim:

To expand opportunity of learning and developing for volunteers from different countries through doing EVS project with children and youth in our organization. (That is why the title of the project is “Learning by doing” which is connected with main aim and idea of the project. We have a lot of opportunities for volunteers and he or she has to take initiative and through work with kids develop his or herself.

Project objectives:

  • To present the non-formal learning to volunteers through the priorities of Erasmus+ programme, create the appropriate timetable to volunteer according to volunteer wishes and abilities. (Use his/her potential in the right way.)
  • To involve volunteers and youth in self-assessment process, to think about what they have learnt from this cooperation and communication. To provide to volunteers YouthPass certificate and make through it the self-evaluation process.
  • To create an own workshop and realize own admissions in action in our organization. Give the support for achieving results in volunteer work.
  • To transfer the experience which will be gained at all stages of EVS project - To disseminate outcomes and results from the EVS project in their mother countries, to promote the EVS project among other youth.
  • To build up creative and communication skills, support intercultural learning, foster mutual understanding between volunteers from different countries and young people or children from Estonia.